Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stand Still

Swirling, foaming
singing, roaming
The waters stir
when moved upon

In constant motion
eyes wide-open
The hearts drinks in
the life that teems

     And then...

The movements cease
there is stand-still, peace
A space for rest
and silent exhale

Yet Soul resists
bucks up against
the quiet calm
Wades in, cautious

     And now....

Self must bow low
Accept ebb and flow
Trust time and change
Surrender to the lull

The impulse to test
pound fists to chest
eventually fades
     Souls settles, floats


  1. Deep breath in and out... TRUST... that is what I'm learning this year.... and learning to be quiet, too :)

    Your poem is beautiful, just like you... thank you, Angela!

    1. Trust is one of those loaded words that makes me want to throw a grown-up tantrum. BUT ... I'm learning to lean into it. A bit at a time, little by little. Learning right along with you, Susan.

  2. beautiful, YOU. i was so excited to see your post pop-up in my reader. thank you for filling my night with poet-words.

    i love you to the moon.

    1. You've filled so many of my nights with your poet-words, it was only right that I returned to the favor.

      I love YOU to the moon ... and back.

  3. So, so luscious and rich and lovely...just like your soul.

    1. I always love your visits to my space. Thank you, beautiful, fearless one.

  4. i needed this, tonight. right now. a familiar voice and face that get's it. that ebbs and flows and shakes a fist in the air then loosens that same fist over her own heart and says, "i know...i understand...i journey with you..."

    1. I needed your words tonight too. And, yes, I know... I understand... I journey with you.... All my love, dear friend.