Thursday, December 19, 2013

For When You are Ready to Revel

The holidays can be tricky, no? They are surrounded by so much expectation (either for the best case scenarios or the worst), and with expectation there is bound to be emotion.

My friend, Beth Morey, a fellow mama who has also known the pain of kissing a sweet baby good-bye, is hosting a series on her blog this month called Hurting for the Holidays.

I am honored to be part of the conversation going on there. So many beautiful voices have extended permission to feel the hard stuff while others are decking the halls. I am there to assure those who have known grief that there may also come a time when they are ready to rejoice. And that's okay too.

Join me? (Click the link below.)

For When You are Ready to Revel...


  1. This is so beautiful, Angela. And look, that little Josiah still giving the gift he is… I love you!