Saturday, September 21, 2013

When Parched

Lately I feel dry, like I'm dehydrated all the way down to my bones.

No matter how much chapstick and body lotion I saturate myself in, my lips are still chapped, I still feel flaky skin. I gulp water by the buckets-full. The desert lives inside of me, it burrowed its way in.

I want to soak in a tub of oil, drench myself in falling rain until I'm wet through to all the way under my skin.

I feel the empty kind of full, like a houseplant that hasn't been watered. The soil is arid, but it refuses to let any moisture in. The water simply rolls over the surface and drips over the lid. 

But then...

My yearning leads me to the shoreline, the one that exists on the borders of my own private island of solitude. It is there that I go to find refreshment and to be renewed.

As I stand at the water's edge and let the gentle waves lap up over my toes and shins, I can breathe again. At some point - there's no telling when - the birthing waters burst open from within. I am soothed by the gushing, as it is always preceded by groans and contractions.


Fall is hanging in the air, waiting for the winds of change to blow on this page of the calendar and let it in. I'm holding lotions and potions and held steady by the knowledge that this dry spell is just another gestation, a precursor to a new season. Another birth is on the horizon.

When parched, I stand at the shoreline - hands open - ready to be drenched. Again.


  1. So so good that's it GF stand & receive your refreshment

    1. Tut tut looks like rain. I think refreshment is on its way. Thank you, friend.

  2. Replies
    1. You've been gushing some brave words this week, Beth. I hope your own birthing and relief is on its way soon. xo

  3. I've been feeling it too. then I feel inside that little course of water. it's still in me deep, as I ache for want of it, it's still within, it's still without. what a beautiful picture... you with your hands wide open, ready to let the waves take you in.

    1. Even though I'm standing on the shoreline of solitude, it's a magical island, so I can see you there too. I'm grabbing your hand as we stand together and wait for the water and get wet all the way through.