Sunday, September 23, 2012

All is Winter

High Resolution Winter Pictures - Trees is a free comely image   

(In honor of the first day of Fall)

All is winter
All is bare
All the limbs
have shivered
their crackling leaves
to the floor

crystallized, frozen
clings to
presses on
the naked branches
that splinter and groan

There is no sign
no detection
no gleam of green
to hint at
an under-

But down below
beneath grass and snow
hidden away
with rocks
dirt and loam
a seed was sown

The seedling drinks, swallows
nourishes itself
even when all else
empty, barren

the first trimester
of every gestation,
when the embryo grows 
and no one knows
All is beginning ...
                                       but all seems gone

In the spring
all of nature
is pregnant and proud
She bares all
her swelling buds
and blooms
Then summer comes
with burning heat
Sun throws open
her curtains
and reveals herself:
hot, brazen, bold

Spring flowers
take their perennial bow
and the summer buds
peel back
their petals
in flirtatious charm

All is Sun and water
warmth and wet
in the summer months;
the flora grows
without both

When the season closes
and Sun
puts on
her autumn coat
all of nature
changes with her

The trees give up
their dangling leaves
the plants their blossoms
and Earth
its seed--
now full-grown

In Autumn
Sun tilts her head
until the trees
strip down again
and another seed falls
ready to be sown

Then Winter,
the first trimester
of every gestation,
when the embryo grows 
and no one knows
All is beginning once more...
                                        when all seems gone


  1. oh my word. i LOVE this. never stop angela, there is just SO MUCH in these words of yours.

  2. and everything that's new
    has bravely surfaced,
    teaching us to breathe
    what was frozen through
    is newly purposed,
    turning all things green
    so it is with you
    and how you make me new
    with every seasons change
    and so it will be
    as you are all creating me
    summer, autumn, winter, spring

    ~ nichole nordeman, every season

  3. The image that comes to mind, as I think of you penning these words, is the painstaking labor your Creator has taken in molding you, carving you even, and chiseling to perfection... using the mediums of pain and suffering, joy and beauty, laughter and turmoil.

    He hasn't given you an easy life but he's made you to be His home, a place where He's especially comfortable dwelling... I sense this in your heart, in your language... that He's more at home in you than in many others.

    When all seems lost, that is when we are fullest, closest, most available to Him to draw near.

    I'm speaking to myself, even as I reach out to see His reflection in you...

    Wow, it's really okay to be weak, to be empty, even to be dead right now... for it's just a season. New life is just below the surface.

    I love your yielded heart, Angela... thank you for sharing your words, His Words.