Sunday, August 12, 2012


 I've been searching the world over
     for a beauty I can grasp
I've been searching streets and galleries
     to fulfill my lonely task

I scan writers, poets, painters
     nature's flowers, movie makers
To try to find some beauty
     To take away my pain

When my beauty was assaulted
     by betrayal, lies, deceit
I needed it as much as air
     To steady my weak feet

My desperate search around me
     was not a search in vain
But the beauty I found outside me
     did not heal my pain

So I began a search within
   I kept up coming short
All I saw was wrinkled skin,
   dried up pretty ... ugly warts

But I kept at my treasure hunt
  when all that I could find
Were fragments of a beautiful me
  at least they were a sign

They said, Seeds of beauty live in here,
     they must be fed and watered
So I began to feed myself
     like I was my own daughter

I looked at her every day
     and praised the good I saw
And when she disagreed with me
     I quieted her guffaw

The arguments grew softer
     as I trusted my embrace
And I began to smile when
    the mirror showed my face

I'm starting to see deeper
    than hair and form and skin
I'm starting to see heart beauty
    the true beauty within 

I've been searching the world over
     for a beauty I can grasp
Now my search has led me home
     and now my soul can rest


  1. This poem stirs my soul... beauty to take away the pain... seeing deeper, seeing within... your search leading you home, and your soul enabled to rest...

  2. Dearest Angela,

    I just knew I had to come here today... to see if I could find you in your words ... to check in on you, knowing and trusting your okay... but still longing to join you on your journey into the heart of love.

    Like you, I've been treating myself like a loving mom to her daughter, so I can so relate to this beautiful, tender poem! How beautiful YOU are, dearest Angela!

    1. Susan, you are like a little love fairy going around and sprinkling your pixie dust wherever you land. Thank you for leaving a trace of your glittering beauty here. <3