Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Remember: The Cemetery

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Josiah's journey to his forever home

When my little boy first slipped away
I was haunted by an image
That wouldn’t go away

A forlorn family was standing at a grave
They were dressed in black
They had no words to say

Year after year, nothing changed
They’d return to The Cemetery
Looking the same

They were stuck, they were sad
They were practically dead
“That will not be me!” I said

See, I was convinced that The Cemetery
Had made them that way
And would do it to me

So I didn’t go near it, I lived in great fear
And I ran from The Cemetery
Year after Year

Then I looked in the mirror and lowered my jaw
I was shocked and embarrassed
By the image I saw

I had turned into THEM
They were just like me
Even though I avoided The Cemetery

I was stuck, I was sad
I was practically dead
“This has got to change!” I said

I went to the grave and laid on the grass
I felt sad and alone
But I knew it would pass

The way to become more peaceful and free
Was to accept what was there
In the earth under me

I returned to The Cemetery many times
To erase the image
That was burned in my mind

And after some months at the grave of my son
That picture was replaced
With a hopeful one

I see a new woman at The Cemetery
She’s a happy woman
And that woman is me


  1. This makes my heart happy. :) Looking forward to getting caught up soon! Love, Gina

  2. So beautifully written, I have chills! I love you Ang!

  3. i love that you laid down on the grass, tenderly accepting way lay beneath you. the image of that will stay with me, always.

  4. This is just beautiful. It totally captures you and your journey. Words can't capture how moved I am by this. Love you!!!

  5. Angela! Josiah is so blessed to have you for his mommy! I think he sees you and adores you.

  6. I love this...and am so happy that you have life at the Cemetery.

    Visiting my grandmother there has always been one of my favorite things to do...somehow there is such peace in it for me.

    I still want to visit Josiah with you...

  7. You’re a strong woman, Angela. You know what they say, “The moment you accept everything in life is where you find true happiness.” The only thing that we can alter is how we look in a certain situation. Come what may, be it good or bad. Every day is a challenge for us to move on and accept things the way they are. Congratulations on finally finding your happiness! :)