Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just when I think
I’ve got life figured out
That I’ve finally mastered
My fear and my doubt

A bad old day
Will smack me in the face
And mock my “knowledge”
And scoff at Grace

“How’s this working?
This thing you call Faith?”
The day growls in laughter
As it throws me the bait

It lingers and it longs
For my heart to agree
Wants me to stop STANDing
To fall apart and to flee

So I search inside
For the perfect reply
Often there’s silence
And yet, peace of mind

Because slow but surely
I’m retraining my brain
Not to default to defeated
Any time I feel pain

Though I’m constantly bombarded
With messages that say
Life should be “perfect”
A fairy tale every day

My circumstances balk
At those hollow dreams
And disprove the fairy tales
Daily, it seems

But that doesn’t mean
That I’m miserable or resigned
It means I’m a realist
And can therefore enjoy LIFE

I’m not as easily disillusioned
As I used to be
Because the illusion of “perfect”
Has lost its power over me

In fact, life is much sweeter
When I choose to embrace
That this world I'm living in
Is a broken place

Though it's full of adventure
Of joy that is thick
It's not all unicorns and rainbows
'Cause it's not a chick flick

So the next time a bad day
Pokes fun at my faith
I'll remember what I've learned
And look it right in the face

I'll say: Faith, I am told
Is the substance of things
In the unseen world
And it's not just a dream

Faith is the cord
That connects me to Love
It's how I overcome
With strength from above

Faith gives me vision
To look and to see
That I won't fall apart
Just 'cause life isn't easy

So I don't have to fear
A less than "perfect" day
My faith is intact
And I'm going to be okay


  1. I love your poem! And I love to see the strength and joy that you are finding in the deep, dark places. Oh, and I love you! ;) ~Gina

  2. "unicorns and rainbows...." i remember that....

  3. i really, really enjoyed this. So glad I found it through the saturday evening blog post...