Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Break Out

Dedicated to all my soul-sisters.

I was thinking about life
About health and getting whole
I was thinking about keeping
My eyes on the goal

When all of a sudden
Clarity came
I saw my struggle
In a different way

I could see myself
Inside of a box
It was made of wood
And fastened with locks

I was held in there
A captive to fear
I barely survived
For many a year

I was stuck, I was trapped
And I couldn't see
There was a beautiful world
Outside waiting for me

So I tried to make do
With the things that I had
And pretend I was happy
When life was so bad

But after awhile
I just couldn't breathe
The air was stale
I knew I had to leave

I needed to find
A way to get OUT
So I pounded on the walls
And started to shout

"Can't anyone HELP me
Get out of here?"
I heard voices outside
I knew people were near

Then one by one
They started to say
"Kick down the walls
It's the only way!"

"But I'm tired, I'm spent
I just need some air
Break out by MYSELF?
That just isn't fair"

"You can do it," they cried
"Get started right now!
Just kick that wall down
Punch it with a POW!"

So I kicked and I punched
Til my body was sore
Then I laid down and cried
With my face to the floor

I called out to the others,
"So I need to ask
What happens if I
Just can't finish this task?"

"You can!" they assured me
"Just don't give in!
You have to keep kicking
You're GOING to win!"

It was then that I knew
I was fighting for more
Than fresh air and sunshine
Because this was a WAR

I'm just like a soldier
And I have to stay
When the battles are tough
And I want to give way

Even though I get tired
And I don't want to STAND
Even though this battle
Is longer than planned

I just won't give up
'Til I've gotten through
While I continue to kick
I have a message for you:

We all have our "boxes"
Those spaces inside
Where we're captive and cut off
And trying to hide

But we can break out
If we band together
Through sunshine and storms
And all kinds of weather

We may need to take breaks
To rest and to sup
But we must never
Never give up

We are fighting for freedom
We are fighting for healing
We are fighting for justice
And the enemy is reeling

So put on your boots
'Cause I've put on mine
It is time to BREAK OUT
Oh, yes, it is time


  1. amazing and rejuvenating. thank you for being strong even when you didn't think you could be! if gives others strength!

  2. Kicking and kicking, 'til bloodied my feet
    My foe, my captor no longer my enemy
    My mind, sorley co-opted, speaks defeat
    My Truth, My Savior, brings hope from deep within me

    1. Thanks for reading and for your own poetic offering, Anonymous. :)

  3. i read this and i think of all the ww2 movies with the strong women who refused to stand on the side lines and helped keep our country strong - rosie the riveter types, you know? i think of quests and sieges and searches and triumphs, "once a king or queen of narnia....always a king or queen of narnia." babette, lucy, susan, columbiana, nakita, lara croft, lisbeth, mrs. miniver. of course, all my references are movies and stories and fables. you, my friend, are the real thing.